Our Partners

Core to our work is developing long-term partnerships that meaningfully benefit the organizations and individuals who share their time and expertise with our students and faculty. Collaboration comes in many forms. Our community fellows serve as advisors for much of our work and we depend on their generosity and expertise. Organizations we work with host interns and create with us a variety of projects, from storytelling platforms to visualization projects to exhibitions to new environmental art.

Trust is key to our mission, and we respect the time and energy our partners dedicate to our work. We are careful to listen, to ask questions, and to understand our place in Houston’s broad and diverse community of environmental partners. We build projects together, and generate work that is publicly available and can have meaningful impact for the communities we work with.

This service mindset extends to our students. We bring our partners into our classrooms to share their expertise; we have developed joint research projects with partner organizations and our students; and we have placed interns at local non-profit organizations.

We are always happy to learn about the work of local organizations and individuals. If you have a project you believe might fit our mission or benefit from a collaboration, please reach out to Weston Twardowski ( to talk about your ideas.